We believe that there should never be a compromise between design and function; without function great design will go to waste and without great design, all the content and efforts will be for nothing. The two must go hand in hand.

“The function of design is letting design function” – Micha Commeren

TOREKULL Interior Architecture & Design

We offer creative and innovative solutions within interior architecture, furniture- & product design.

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We believe that there should never be a compromise between aesthetical design and function.

As a Swedish/American company with a history of working in the USA, Italy, France and Tunisia, and Sweden, the projects are influenced by many different cultures, trends and styles, and are constantly changing, just like the world around us. Rooted in different cultures, yet being able to pick particular elements from each influence in order to create something new and exciting. This unique background provides a greater possibility and flexibility for finding the optimal design and functionality for each client, particularly when working internationally.


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